The Book

No Time for Fear:

How a shark attack survivor beat the odds


These three words – a mantra Paul of the Australian Army – always resonated with Paul de Gelder. But they would take on new meaning after he was attacked by a shark in February 2009. Paul lost two limbs, and his career as an elite navy clearance diver was flung into jeopardy.

Drawing on everything his eventful life had taught him – from his wild teen years to his haul up the ranks of the defence forces – Paul left nothing to chance in his recovery.

He fought through excruciating pain, smashing challenge after challenge, and amazing the medical staff with his will to succeed. His inspiring story takes ‘never say die’ to a whole new level.

No Time for Fear book cover

Praise for Paul's book

“Fantastic story of survival and spirit. Very inspiring.”

“I truly enjoyed getting to ‘know’ Paul de Gelder through his writing. A very interesting person with a strong message of hope for overcoming.”

“Paul really digs deep and makes himself vulnerable to the reader in this book.”

“Such an inspirational story. De Gelder is so honest in his book. It makes you feel like you’re sitting down with a friend and listening to his story. Bravo!”

“Was privileged to have met and worked with this guy a year ago and his positive energy blew me away. Great dude, awesome book, amazing story.”

“Enjoyed this book, it shows how an individual can overcome hurdles, don’t let fear rule his behaviour and continue to live life to the fullest.”

“This book is inspirational to say the least. The story is written in a way that makes it easy to read and it is difficult to put down. Great adventure story.”

“Spent my entire day off listening to this book from beginning to end… was not disappointed! I would recommend it whole heartedly… the audio book is narrated by the author, which was great, I don’t think anyone else could do it justice… Thank you Mr Paul de Gelder for sharing such an inspiring story!

“I bought this for my 13 year old grandson who loves Paul De Gelder on Shark Week. He loved the book!! His sisters as well as myself all read it too. What an inspiring story!!!

I had the privilege of interviewing Paul for my radio show. I was so impressed and intrigued I had to get his book. The book is as honest, raw and awesome as the man is. I consider this a must read for anyone facing challenges in their life and that means you! Read it, learn from it, and then live it!

Bill Poett, Author, Host of Positively Speaking