From elite soldier to shark attack survivor, Paul de Gelder’s life has been anything but ordinary.  

Growing up in Australia’s suburbs, Paul never really felt like he fitted in. Feeling like his life was out of his control, he began to self harm, and eventually turned to drugs.  

But something in Paul always told him that there was a world out there that he needed to explore – he just didn’t know how to access it.  

The Australian military was the answer but that service almost came to a brutal end when Paul was attacked by a bull shark in Sydney Harbour. Paul lost a hand and a leg, but he refused to accept limitations. In fact, the attack opened the door to a whole new life. One that would see Paul dedicate himself to the very animals that had tried to kill him…

Praise for Paul’s book

Will Smith – “He’s a super hero”

Mike Tyson – “He scares me because I see in his eyes he has no fear. He’s a bad mother fucker.”  

David Dobrik – “I used to be scared of sharks, until I met Paul, now the only thing I’m scared of is Paul himself. How does this dude fear nothing???”  

Tulsi Gabbard – “Everyone needs to hear Paul’s  story of how tragedy inspired transformation. You will be challenged and inspired to reflect on how everyone of us can serve and make a positive impact on others and our planet”  

Levison Wood, bestselling author of Walking the Nile – “Full of lessons about how to overcome fear, and find purpose, de Gelder’s story is a must read. Truly inspiring.”

“Fantastic story of survival and spirit. Very inspiring.”

“I truly enjoyed getting to ‘know’ Paul de Gelder through his writing. A very interesting person with a strong message of hope for overcoming.”

“Paul really digs deep and makes himself vulnerable to the reader in this book.”

“Such an inspirational story. De Gelder is so honest in his book. It makes you feel like you’re sitting down with a friend and listening to his story. Bravo!”

“Was privileged to have met and worked with this guy a year ago and his positive energy blew me away. Great dude, awesome book, amazing story.”

“Enjoyed this book, it shows how an individual can overcome hurdles, don’t let fear rule his behaviour and continue to live life to the fullest.”

“This book is inspirational to say the least. The story is written in a way that makes it easy to read and it is difficult to put down. Great adventure story.”

“Spent my entire day off listening to this book from beginning to end… was not disappointed! I would recommend it whole heartedly… the audio book is narrated by the author, which was great, I don’t think anyone else could do it justice… Thank you Mr Paul de Gelder for sharing such an inspiring story!

“I bought this for my 13 year old grandson who loves Paul De Gelder on Shark Week. He loved the book!! His sisters as well as myself all read it too. What an inspiring story!!!